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Schedule your Annual Generator Maintenance with Sooner Propane!

Our Generator Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Spark Plug
  • Inspect and Test Battery
  • Cooling System Inspection
  • Test Starting Procedure
  • Check Propane Tank and Fuel Level
  • Run Generator Under a Load for 20 Minutes

All engines need periodic maintenance and generator engines are no exception. During extended outages, a standby generator may run for days or even a month or more. It is important to service the generator according to the maintenance schedule.

Standby units need service as often as every 200 hours, or about once a week. Maintenance includes changing the oil and oil filter, replacing spark plugs, and changing the air filter. Keep supplies on hand for long outages.

Maintaining a generator is a relatively similar process among the three major types of engines. First, it is vital to follow the maintenance schedule of the manufacturer with each type of generator.

A routine maintenance practice is that of general inspection. Inspections consist of checking for leaks, assessing oil and coolant levels, glancing at the belts and hoses and checking the battery terminals and cables. It is important to inspect the oil as well, as it must be changed regularly.

Oil change frequency depends on the manufacturer, how often the generator is used and your work environment. Typically, it is recommended you change the oil after 100 hours of operation.

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