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Propane Line Installation

Underground Propane Line

The gas line that runs between the tank and the structure housing the gas appliances is the service piping, also known as the yard line. The propane yard line generally consists of copper tubing or plastic polyethylene piping. The service piping needs to be installed correctly and legally in conjunction with the propane tank for the entire outside portion of the installation to be safe and serviceable.

The part of the yard line that is visible is where it comes out of the ground next to the tank and at the point it enters the building or where it connects to the point of use, such as a generator or pool heater. Only approved materials and fittings are to be used for any part of a propane gas service line. Materials such as PVC, rubber hose and flex lines are illegal and are not to be used in any part of the gas service line.

The materials used for underground piping and tubing are subject to strict limitations. These material requirements are in place because of the unfriendly underground environment the pipe and tubing will be exposed to. Like underground propane tanks, buried piping and tubing must be made of a material that will resist harsh underground conditions. Additional protective measures must be taken in certain cases like placing the gas line in a PVC sleeve or wrapping it with a protective tape. All of these measures are for the protection against loss of propane. If unapproved materials are used for underground piping, propane leaks will form.

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