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Propane Pool and Spa Heaters

Have you heard about the latest technology for heating your swimming pool? It’s plastic.

Our extremely energy efficient pool heaters now have the ability to resist rusting. Enjoy the luxury of heating your swimming pool quickly.

When your hot water heater breaks it can flood your entire house.

Our new fuel efficient propane tank-less hot waters will heat your water up fast and never cause a flood.

Compared to electrical heaters, propane pool heaters can provide faster and more efficient heating. When coupled with the typically lower cost of propane compared to electricity, the savings you could see from a propane pool heater are significant. With a properly sized and professionally installed propane pool heater, your pool will come to the proper temperature quicker and stay there longer.

With a propane fueled pool heater, you can extend your swimming season early into the spring and late into the fall. A propane pool heater can get the water ready for your enjoyment when most others haven’t even uncovered their pools.

Cost of Operation

This is of course the biggest factor when deciding to make the investment in a pool heater. Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest costs to predict. There are numerous factors to consider including heater size, pool size, temperature setting, weather, solar cover use, and sun exposure. To at least offer a rough guide, the typical Southwest Florida Propane pool heat customer uses 250 gallons during the season. Contact your local customer service center for our current pool heat pricing to get an idea of your cost for the season.

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