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Propane Stoves

Why do professional chefs always cook over a gas stove?

It heats up faster and dissipates heat more evenly than an electric stove.

Gas continues working during a power outage.

Your traditional electric stove can in no way compare to the efficiency and convenience of a modern new stove fueled with propane gas in Orlando. Propane gas stoves provide a more even heat distribution and more accurate temperature measures that are easily adjustable. The result is meals prepared with both convenience and confidence without the guesswork of unreliable electric stoves.

The remarkable affordability of propane prices drastically reduces the costs of utility bills, so you can enjoy noticeable savings. The use of propane is steadily increasing as homes and businesses throughout the community recognize its efficient and environmentally friendly impact. Furthermore, the clean burning nature of this alternative fuel source will allow for meals with a more natural and enjoyable taste.

Comprehensive Gas Stove Installation and Service
At Sooner Propane, we can install the highest rated and most cost-effective brands of gas stoves for any style of kitchen in your home or business. In addition to specializing in the sale, install, and maintenance of quality gas stoves.

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