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Sooner Propane Checks and Inspects:

  • Propane Tank Inspection
  • Propane Line Inspection
  • Propane Regulator Test
  • All Indoor and Outdoor Appliances
  • Generator – Start, Test and Remote Start

It is important that your entire propane gas system be inspected annually both outside and inside your home to ensure that it is working properly, leak free and is installed to meet current safety codes.

Sooner Propane will check your entire propane system for proper line size, appliance shut-offs, sediment traps, proper regulators and gas leaks. We will also do a pressure test and leak test on your entire system.

A thorough propane system check has the added benefit of allowing you to easily disclose to a potential home buyer that there were no issues with the gas system and if you let your home owner’s insurance agent know you have a current system check, you may even get a premium discount.

If anyone in your household cannot smell propane, or it smells weak, call Sooner Propane immediately. Propane is heavier than air and will collect at floor level. Carefully smell at floor level and in low spots to check for propane.

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