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Underground Propane Tank Protection

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Because underground propane tanks are exposed to a completely different set of conditions and elements, certain precautionary and protective measures must be in place to prolong the service life of an underground propane tank.

Propane Tank Cathodic Protection – The earth a natural electric current that occurs in water and land alike. These electrical currents have an adverse affect on metal objects that are in the ground or in the water.

This adverse affect is called electrolysis and will literally drill a small hole through a metal object. Underground propane tanks are subject to electrolysis and need to be protected to avoid the deteriorating effect that results.

To protect a tank from electrolysis, an anode bag is attached by wire to the tank and placed in the hole with the tank before it is covered with back-fill. This sacrificial anode bag absorbs the electrical currents in the earth that would have ordinarily targeted the tank resulting in damage to the container.

In short, the sacrificial anode bag acts as a “decoy” for the damaging currents that can harm a tank in an underground environment.

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