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Propane Water Heaters

Propane water heaters are more convenient, easy to use, and less expensive to operate than the standard electric water heater. Our company offers propane water heater retrofits, replacements, and service for propane water heaters, as well as fuel provisions.

Propane Water Heater High Efficiency

More and more homeowners across the nation are choosing propane water heaters because of the high level of efficiency such systems offer. A propane water heater provides substantial savings when directly compared with an electric water heater. Pair these savings with a wider selection of sizes, reduced risk of power issues, and a quicker recovery rate, and you can clearly see why homeowners increasingly choose propane water heaters.

Because propane water heaters have a recovery rate twice as fast as electric water heaters, homes can receive more hot water from the same sized tank. This brings significant benefits to smaller-sized homes in particular; a small propane water heater will provide small homes with abundant hot water while taking up minimal physical space. All sizes of homes will benefit from propane water heater’s energy efficiency. An efficient heater means less wasted energy and lower monthly bills.

Homeowners choose propane water heaters for many different reasons. For one thing, propane water heaters’ lower operating costs and higher level of efficiency mean that most homes save money by investing in them. To break things down, a propane water heater costs approximately $25 less per month than an electric model of the same size and specifications. In fact, the overall cost of a propane heater is one-third less expensive than that of an electric heater. Pair this level of efficiency with an extended lifespan of around ten years, and you can save between $3,000 to $4,000 by switching to a propane water heater. For many homeowners, these potential savings make the decision for them. Currently, over 3 million homes in the country use propane water heaters. Your home can be the next – call Sooner Propane for more information on the benefits of propane water heaters.

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