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Investing in a tankless water heater is an excellent way to reduce related energy costs and enjoy the benefit of a steady supply of hot water on demand. However, as amazing as a tankless hot water heater can be for you and your family, you don’t want to overlook the importance of preventive maintenance.

Maintaining your tankless hot water heater can help you avoid downtime related to repair issues. It can also potentially help maximize the longevity of your unit and promote energy efficiency over the months and years. Water hardness is one of the more significant factors that can result repairs, but regular system maintenance steps can diminish the effects of hard water.

Hard water is full of minerals, and these minerals can result in scaling and other issues inside your system. While water hardness is dependent on region, even homeowners in areas known for low levels of may face these same repair and maintenance issues. After all, all tap water that flows through your system has at least trace elements of minerals that can build up over time.

The descaling process is similar to the flushing and cleaning process below. However, it also involves running a significant amount of water vinegar through the tank. Vinegar will break down the mineralized gunk inside your unit.

Regardless of the level of water hardness in your area, all tanks should receive regular cleaning. The process is a bit more involved than flushing a storage tank water heater but pretty straightforward. The frequency of this service may range from between 6 to 12 months in many cases. The flushing process requires you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your tankless water heater goes out of commission, you may have to live with the inconvenience of having not hot water until the unit is repaired. In addition, the cost to repair is almost always higher than preventive maintenance. While you can’t prevent all types of issues from happening, you’ll be at a much lower risk of one occurring. By reading through your product manual, you can learn more about the specific maintenance steps required for your particular model.

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